Today’s post is all about food. Every time I go to a restaurant or coffee shop or even a fast food I usually take shots of the food I ordered either with my Canon or my phone -HTC one-  but most of the time is with my phone.. kinda handy and besides smartphones nowadays have a very good lens, mine comes with a ultra pixels camera, not sure about what it means but from what I read is it’s about the software. But just to give you a picture of what my camera phone is, I will copy paste the key components of the camera specs

  • Ultra Pixel Sensor – Engineered with larger pixels, it enables each pixel to capture more than 300% more light than most leading 13 megapixel cameras.
  • HTC Image Chip – Offers continuous autofocus, color shading, and noise reduction, as well as more realistic High Dynamic Range.
  • F/2.0 Aperture – The largest available smartphone camera aperture, it lets in 44% more light than the iPhone 5.
  • Optical Image Stabilization – Drastically reduces blur in still photos and shaky video footage.

So there you have it, I hope it doesn’t sound too advertising-ish , I just want to share it with you, but then again everyone has their own favorites when it comes to choosing cell phones, some are just fanatic with one brand only. Back to the food subject, my friends and I have some ‘ritual’ of taking photos right after the food arrive, we would be excited to see how the food looks and their presentation. We would be like, oooh.. beautiful… lovely.. smells good, then click-click…. change the plates position.. click-click again and then EAT. What can I say, I’m Asian, there’s some stereotype of Asians taking photos of everything everywhere. Lol. Photographing food is one heck of a challenge either it could give the viewers some kind of stimulation that they feel hungry and want to eat or they loses their appetite.. I hope mine is the first one 🙂

Here are a few food photos from my trip to New Orleans and Nashville, I have some from my hometown also. Enjoy!

Stuffed crab from Deanie’s Seafood Restaurant at Bourbon St. New Orleans, a delicious succulent meal..Louisiana Blue Crabmeat blended with fresh seasonings and bread crumbs then stuffed into natural crab shells and baked to a golden brown.


It comes with fries and coleslaw. Perfect!


Crawfish Etouffee –  Crawfish tails smothered in a butter blend of onions, peppers, celery and garlic to make a delicious sauce served over rice. Served with salad and French bread. Major yum!!

We move on to Nashville. Stopped by at a local place called Jack’s Bar-B-Que, pretty interesting place with a very southern style, stand in line and order your food, it’s just the way the restaurant is set up. I have a plate serving for a beef brisket with two choices of mashed potatoes and green beans…


This is called the Texas Beef Brisket, very tender and juicy


Smoked Boston Turkey is one dish to die for with choices of corn and coleslaw….

So now we move to my hometown Kentucky. There’s a place in Winchester called Hall’s Restaurant, famous by the name of Hall’s on the River, located along a narrow road to the back water of the Kentucky River…very nice atmosphere and pretty good food too.


Chicken Sautéed top with light white wine basil sauce with sweet corn kernels and baby spinach served with three-cheddar grits.


Chicken Liver Plate…. that liver is very tasty and delish!!


Fried catfish ,served with hand cut fries and tartar sauce.

Feeling hungry already? I hope so! To top off this todays blog about food, I have to post some from my country, Indonesia. I don’t consider myself as a good cook, I’m just ‘a okay cook’, meaning I do get compliments from my kids whenever I made something.. and to me that means a lot! I sometimes cook for special occasions like when the holy day arrives which is the day after we finished our fasting month. Friends and families come over and have lunch together after visiting the mosque in the morning. This year was my turn to host and I did some cooking….


Can you believe I cook all these food? No, me neither! 🙂  There’s Sambal Goreng Ati which is liver and diced cut potatoes cooked with coconut milk, shallots, garlic, red pepper and with some essential herbs that is always on almost every kind of Indonesian food, galanga, lemon grass and Indonesian Bay leaves.


Spicy green beans cooked with red pepper and yes some more of the coconut milk…


Gotta have these crackers with the food, it’s a great combination, white/brown steamed rice, the dish and crackers. Yum! I hope you all enjoy what I post today… Bon appetite!


buffet …..

Having lunch at a local chinese buffet is always a great treat for me because I’m actually on a diet, but I cheat once in a while….. Lol. Yes I have to watch what I eat, my triglycerides is high and I have to cut on lots of good stuff….y’know, carbs,sugar,deep fried,fat etc. I know,right?! It sucks! But at my age I gotta listen to what the doctor tell me…I do wanna live healthy and longer tho…so anyways this is some of my snaps of the buffet…. Yes…I bring my camera almost everywhere I go…. 🙂1380133325_picsay-1380133325_wm