Rainy night 


5th anniversary

It’s been 5+ years since I started to do photography. My first photo was taken with my olympus pocket camera and edit it on Adobe Photoshop. I did it just for fun, didn’t do much on editing, basically just transforming it into different kinds of effect. From there then I started to post it on several photo sites and trying to do a bit more serious in editing my pic. I met with other photographers from all over the world and I can see different kind of style and taste in every each one of them. It’s pretty cool to be able to learn new photography techniques and enjoying beautiful pictures everyday at the same time. More practice in taking shots with manual settings and understanding the principal of art which luckily I learn it in college pretty much improve my photography until then I discovermy own style. I manage to print 5 photo book last year, nothing fancy just something I could share with my grandchildren one day 😊