Saturday Simplicity 4

Have a Coke and smile! Happy Saturday!! 🙂



random thoughts….

For some reason I just thought of talking about a person being an artist. I remember having a online conversation  with a random friend on Friendster years ago. For those who don’t know what Friendster is, it’s a social media (maybe) before Facebook exist (not sure about that) but I think it was huge mostly in Asia and it was the same time when MySpace was around. Anyway I met a friend who is an artist, she has done a lot of painting and sketches which I admired a lot and she is a very talented artist in my opinion. Her sketches are just incredible, lively images with just a few strokes of pencil but she captured the soul of a subject very well. She’d been producing art before I started to, I’m more of an observer,I haven’t produce any art back then but I love to see other peoples work whether it’s paintings, sketches or photography. Long story short, she wasn’t sure that she was good enough just because not many people see her art, which is kinda natural y’know for an artist to think that way I guess, because you want people to acknowledge your work. Then she start to complain about some people not giving feed backs…. I really don’t know what she was looking for,to me her art was outstanding I said to her that I wish I can sketch like her and she always say that her work wasn’t good. Being humble is one thing but being a person that has lost their self confidence just because of some ‘ratings’ or judgment that some other people gave them is pretty much a sad thing. I told her to not take someone’s opinion too personal (apparently someone try to criticize her), consider it as a constructive criticism. But sadly our conversation just stopped right there… heard nothing from her since then.. pretty sad tho, she really was a great and talented artist. I hope she didn’t stop creating beautiful art..

My point here is, with all those social media out there today that can put your artwork, with just a click of a button and with a matter of seconds people around the world can see and enjoy your work, you might get nice and good feedback from others but also might get nothing at all … , but at least take this as a great tool to promote and show case your art…for free!! It doesn’t matter if your work doesn’t have enough likes or views or even comments, just keep on creating and keep up your great work. I’m sure there are few people out there that can appreciate it, at least those who have similar interest in art with you….

Having your art recognized and noticed by others sure is a great feeling, and even more great when they ask if they can buy your art ..but that’s another story…

So, I learn some lessons from my friend…wherever you are now….not to worry too much about what people think about you and your art. As long as you’re happy then everything will be fine…. That being said, I always value your opinion on my art, it’s just me being me. Keep creating good art my friends. Peace!!










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