City of the dead….

Cemeteries in New Orleans are one of a kind. it became one of the tourist site because of their uniqueness.I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a cemetery being a tourist object before until now, and that’s pretty cool!

There are a few of it. The one I went is called the Cypress Grove Cemetery, located at 120 City Park Ave. No particular reason for choosing this one, it’s a random pick because the trolley we took happens to end their destination in that area. Cypress Grove Cemetery became the first cemetery built to honor New Orleans volunteer firemen and their families. It is sometimes called the Fireman’s Cemetery.

Actually, St. Louis Cemetery is one of the famous cemetery in New Orleans it’s a walking distance from the French Quarter. it’s also known as the home to Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau’s grave. I just didn’t know that until I saw one of the tour guide brochure, so next time.. note to myself, check on it first! And then there’s Lafayette Cemetery in the heart of the city’s famous Garden District and many more. Anyways these are a few snap shots of it.





IMG_3246      IMG_3245

 IMG_3268      IMG_3247

IMG_3229     IMG_3243



IMG_3260    IMG_3241



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