NOLA trip… Street performers

What I’ve read about new orleans before and what a few friends have told me is that new orleans is where jazz first originated. But not only jazz, there are other types of music such as blues, R&B and soul swirling throughout the city as these musicians play their trumpets,saxophones, and guitars. You will see street musicians in every corner of the french quarter area and down the Bourbon Street and its bars, playing live music all day and all night, as if the festivities never stop and you constantly feel like you’re on vacation.









Another thing that you will get to see is the human statue, where the person paint themselves the color of metal and stands still for about 10-15 minutes before someone teases them. The one I saw was sitting on a chair, holding a stick and wearing this fancy hat. He started to move when people tried to take pictures with him. I have to admit, he really did look like a statue as he sat there motionless.




Oh and don’t forget to tip after you take pictures with them, this is how they make their living. And I personally appreciate their efforts to put together the costumes and donning all that paint and make up to get in character. Truly great work.

There are also several artists that do paintings, and they did an amazing job. Experiencing all this really makes me want to go back.





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