NOLA trip

I just got back from a six days vacation to New Orleans and i’m missing it already. I would definitely love to go back there if I have the chance and the cash 🙂

What I miss the most are the beautiful houses and the crazy night life of Bourbon Street, not to mention the famous Cafe du Monde… I can still taste the richness of the Cafe Au Leit and the sweet sugary goodness as I bit into their famous french doughnuts, the beignets.

As you walk along the French Market, you may come upon various street performances and artists selling their artwork and it is something that you don’t want to miss! Located in the section of the French Quarter down river from Jackson Square.

New Orleans is very well scattered with plantations that you can check out and the one we went to was the Oak Alley Plantation, about an hour drive from the city. Also the cemeteries in NOLA is a very interesting place to look at….

I will make several series of this trip, with tons of photos that you can check out. I take my camera everywhere I go, so as a start, these are the shots that I took as we drove the ten and a half exciting hours from Lexington, Kentucky down to New Orleans. Yes, i just can’t keep still… I took naps, listened to some music and still have plenty of time to take pictures…..


rain drops on the window makes a very nice feature..



a snapshot of an out of focus trees taken from the window creates a pretty cool abstract…


trucks are awesome to capture!! I mean it’s huge and some of them are colorful.. especially when you take it with a low shutter speed it creates blurry and sharp line movements.. I think it’s awesome…



I just need an object to make a balance for this tree reflection… aha!.. found one!


don’t worry… we weren’t speeding….


snacks are very crucial when you’re on the road….


this one too……. coffee…..


and music of course….. a non stop music that is!


whoops… taken by accident….but looks cool.. :p



Ha! Finally a normal typical kinda snapshot….. And there you have it. Next posting will be about the places I visit during my vacation in the beautiful New Orleans so stay tune! 🙂


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