a visit from a friend…..

So,I was taking pictures nearby the river when my friend ,she was behind me, suddenly call my name with a very frightful voice….

Friend: “ummm…. Luki…”

Me: “yeah…?” -still taking pictures without turning around,didn’t pay attention to her….

Friend: “Hey Luki……”

Me:” yeah? What?”  – still not turning my head

Friend: “okay….turn around really slowly…don’t make a sudden move.. well,but I guess it’s okay coz you’re carrying a backpack…

I started to get nervous when she said that…

Me:.”What? Why? ” turning around…. And there he was. .looking at me with his sharp eyes.. with his head lift up…not sure exactly what he’s thinking…. Holy shit!! This little snake could bit me any second!!  Iwas stunned for a minute by this creature…he looks cute but you never know…he could be dangerous too … Don’t want to take any chances, I step back slowly and he didn’t make any suspicious move. . I guess he’s not that scary …so I took pictures of this little guy… He’s okay….still just sitting there staring  at me ..thanks to my 70-300mm lens, picture turns out not bad  🙂



6 responses to “a visit from a friend…..

  1. What dadblameit kind of a friend would call to you with a scary voice. The professor faces this kind of vexing situation daily as he monitors various characters. Manothunder enjoyed the tale & blog! Are you Punchyish or not?

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