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To me, photography is one of the media that can express my creativity to create art from nothing to something. I just think that we can see and search for beauty everywhere and in everything depend on how we see it.
My subject is usually just things I found at home, work place, doctors waiting room, restaurants or on the streets and even the trash can… yes trash can.. one example is when I saw a crushed Pepsi tin can. It immediately took my attention. The shape of the destructed can to me is a form of beauty. The curves, the edges the dent and the dimension from every angle have their own esthetic value.

I probably am more of a small picture photographer. I like details, I like to explore the subject by cutting it to pieces, opening the layers, and learn something from it.

My favorite quote comes from my idol, photographer Ansel Adams, “You don’t take photograph, you make it” Adams has a huge influence in me, especially his black and white tones.

Through photography I can express my emotions and transmit it to the viewers, I can share my opinion on how I see things… at the end of the day every head have different opinions and for me people are free to interpret my art.